How to Make Your Marketing Standout

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With the world at our fingertips now more than ever, our eyes tend to gravitate towards pictures first, text second. In the digital universe, there are numerous distractions all vying for people’s attention. As a brand, you have a tiny window of opportunity to grab that attention and hold it. Great design is key to winning this fight.

In marketing your brand, design creates the mood for your target audience. It’s your silent brand ambassador capable of captivating your audience or turning people away in an instant. No matter how impressive your products or services are, an unappealing design will struggle to reel in customers and garner recognition, at least not in the way necessary to achieve success. Do you want people to associate your brand with a dull experience? Absolutely not. Innovative design is the key to differentiating your brand from competitors. This is where the prominent role of illustration comes into play.

Illustration is a key element in telling your brand’s story while also supporting your copy. However, it doesn’t come easy. Artistic skill is needed along with careful planning and a strong grasp of what your brand stands for. Any graphic designer worth the title will diligently research a brand before crafting illustrations for marketing. Why is this important? Illustrations are an innovative way to convey a clear and cohesive story across all of your marketing touch points.

Illustrations communicate your brand’s visual story, making them powerful tools in helping your brand standout. This visual story needs to be unique to your brand so any illustration should reflect that. “Ready to use” or stock illustrations lack the same emotional pull of custom illustrations.

Your brand’s visual style can be a strong imprint that touches every facet of your marketing — an asset that nudges customers towards a purchase or a deterrent that fails to encourage confidence in your business. Which one is yours?

Browse our collection of illustrations. Let them inspire you to take your brand’s visual style to the next level. Click on any illustration for a closer look.

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