Custom Illustrations

Boss Lady Couch Style Version 3

Give your brand a strong visual identity that has a unique style and personality. Get a custom illustration designed specifically for your business that can be used for your website, blog, social media and other marketing materials.

How It Works?

When you commission custom artwork from us, we design the illustration based on your specifications. We do freehand digital illustrations, vector illustrations or a combination of both. Your choice. But first, we’ll need to know what the illustration will be used for. This type of illustration can not be used on items that will be sold for profit. We retain all ownership rights to the illustration. You will be given usage rights to the illustration for a set time which will be outlined in your agreement. If you need a more comprehensive license, we can discuss this in our initial meeting as well as pricing.

How Much Will It Cost?

Our standard fee for custom illustrations start at:

  • $650 for up to two characters (adult, child or animal) with a plain color background of your choice.
  • $850 for up to 4 characters (adult, child or animal) with a plain color background of your choice.

All options can include close up, half body or full body views of characters.


Complex backgrounds such as cityscapes, landscapes, room interiors, textures or patterns will require an additional $50 charge.


Animations follow the same pricing structure as custom illustrations with an additional charge of $100 per one-minute of animation added to the total cost.

Payment Requirements

Full payment is required before work begins on any custom illustration or animation. Please review our service policy for more information about payment options.

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What to Expect?

Once an agreement is reached and payment is received, the process for creating your custom illustration starts with you submitting 3-5 clear concept photos, varying from full length to close-up.

We’ll design and submit the proposed artwork allowing for two revisions for feedback and approval. Once the artwork is approved, we will size your illustration to fit the template of your choice (e.g. blog or website header, postcard, flyer, brochure) and will include a file for sharing on Instagram for no additional charge.

Final files of your custom illustration will be delivered via Dropbox link in the following file formats: PNG, JPEG or MP4 and GIF (only for illustrations with animation). Please allow 2-3 weeks turnaround for custom illustrations and 3-4 weeks for those with animation. This tentative timeline is dependent on prompt feedback from you at each step of the process.